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Anonymous asked:
i don't get why teenagers think they deserve to be treated with respect. i'm 15 myself, and i recognize that all of us are still biologically children, and probably just as dumb, too. there's no real way to understand adults, at least until my brain's finished developing. for now, i have the same level of respect a 5 year old should get, and that's what I deserve.



(for context followers i’m probs getting this ask because i send in an ask to the adultprivilege mods earlier this afternoon)

idk why you would think you are not worthy of respect?? literally everyone deserves to be treated with respect, (i guess unless they do something awful to lose that respect) regardless of who they are.

children are not automatically stupid, teenagers are not automatically stupid. adults are not automatically smart, have you met adults?? (like u do realize congress is made out of adults.) protip they aren’t a whole lot smarter they just have a bit more life experience to pull on and believe they must always behave like they know what they’re doing even when they don’t, in part to convince other adults of this, and in part to assert authority over young people (depending on the context)

it is absolutely true that your brain is not finished developing. but while i’m not a neuroscientist i am also pretty sure the brain never stops changing and developing.

but your point is that young people’s brains work differently than adult’s brains do, which is absolutely true! however, there are plenty of other ways in which people’s brains don’t work the same as other people’s brains. are dyslexic people not worthy of respect? are people with depression not worthy of respect? if you honestly believe that they aren’t go educate yourself right now. difference in brain function is not a reason to be disrespectful. neither is age. that doesn’t mean i’m necessarily going to treat a 5 year old the same as i treat someone my age but it means respecting them as a person who has thoughts and feelings

The sad thing is, I don’t think Anon even realizes that the reasons they suggested for why children should have less rights than adults are also the same reasons some people use to justify ableism. In fact, we do have a couple mods here that also have a blog focused on combating ableism - and, thus, is able to see the parallels. I’ll leave it to them to explain their position further, if they wish to do so.

And, BTW, a lot of elderly oppression issues are also based on the same grounds as ableism is - in this case, because their brain is supposedly “deteriorating”.

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it’s 2014 and having a valid and logical argument with your parents is still “talking back”


ha ha look at this parent being emotionally abusive to their child! ha ha the dad shot his daughters laptop, another dad ran over his sons video games with a lawn mower, this mother is public abusing her daughter and her friends ha ha it’s funny because the kids probably deserved it and it’s definitely not Abuse at all ha ha hee hee